About us

For our international friends

The MVSB (modelvliegclub Son & Breugel), located just north of Eindhoven, is one of the bigger model flying clubs in Noord-Brabant with up to 100 members.

The club’s flying site is located at Sonniuswijk 36a, Son en Breugel. The path of entrance is between numbers 34 & 36. Access to the field is restricted by a gate which only members can open. If the gate is open, members are present on the field and you are welcome to have a look!

Most types of models are flown including aeroplanes and helicopters, but also drones are welcome on our field. Many types of flying are practiced like 3D flying or pattern flying or just puttering about on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

For newbies we have a structured approach to instruction for both helicopter or airplanes. A pilot needs to qualify for a flight safety certificate before being allowed to fly solo. Until then you are required to fly under guidance of an instructor.

Should you wish to find out more about RC flying, just come to the flying site and chat with any of the club members. They will be delighted to help you with your questions.
Flying at our field is restricted to members only, however invitees are welcome. If you don’t know anybody at the club yet, drop an e-mail: bestuur@mvsb.nl